Thanks a lot for kind thoughts and comments Eimear.
Great question about retaining ‘younger nurses’.  I think that there is so much snake oil being peddled out there in the how-to-attract-‘Gen Y’ industry that we run the risk of forgetting some basics and imaging that ‘younger nurses’ come from another solar system.  We don’t need to completely redesign nursing and health care, just remember the song, “the fundamental things apply, as time goes by”.

Let’s remember why people generally want to be nurses in the first place and then suport and enable them to do that well.  Let’s remember ‘management 101’ about how people like to work in places defined by mutual respect, kindness, challenges, opportunities, support, reward, recognition and job satisfaction.  If we create people (product?) processing plants masquerading as places of care and human connection and then allow micromanaging tyrants to run them, we can hardly throw our hands up in disbelieving horror when nurses, younger and older decide to vote with their feet.

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