I want this website to be entertaining, informative and full of value for everyone who visits. Over the coming months I will be adding various information pages, tips and insights, links to published articles and white papers to the resources section.

The blog will also be a regular source of information, challenging thinking and shared ideas. In my travels I am constantly amazed to find that in health care, we face essentially the same issues regardless of whether we are in Dubbo, Dublin, Dubrovnik or Dubuque.

Patients, clients, and families want to be cared for and feel cared about as human beings who matter. Staff want to do the best that they can and to make a positive difference to people’s lives and health. They also need to feel valued and valuable in the work that they do. Health systems struggle to do as much as they can and as well as they can within finite resources.

Nor are these issues related solely to health care. If you are in business you will quickly spot the resonances and relevance for what you too are trying to achieve.

None of this is blindingly new but it seems that we need to constantly reaffirm some of the elemental features of health care which can so often be lost or left behind as our organizations chase after the latest managerial or clinical ‘big idea’ (read, transient fad, ephemeral fashion) with all of the concentration span of Toad of Toad Hall.

There are so many issues to be highlighted in the coming months such as:
Why ‘Joint Chairs’ or ‘Clinical Chairs’ in nursing have gone from plum positions to poisoned chalices.

‘Executive Churn’ in management and why it is harming health care.

Philip’s ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’. Are they galloping through your area or organization? If they are, be afraid. Be very afraid. Better still, be prepared and ready to respond. I’ll show you how.

For years we been told that health care and nursing needs to become more business-like and to learn from business models. But what about the converse? I’ll explain what the business world can learn from nursing and health care.
So, watch this space, thanks for visiting and for signing up.

Best wishes,
Philip Darbyshire

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  1. Patricia Benner

    Please add me to your subscribers!! Cheers! educatiingnurses.com is the URL

    • Philip Darbyshire

      Thanks Patricia. Will do. Hope all is well with you and yours. Cheers, Philip


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