For those attending any of the ‘days’ in the Waikato on 2, 3 & 4 October, here are some of the key papers and resources that I’ll be referring to. Enjoy

The Nurse of the Future – Waikato (The session ‘slides’)

Rounding, work intensification and new public management

Oakden Report+Final+Email+Version[1]

McKenna 2004

Delegation and supervision of healthcare assistants’ work in the daily management of uncertainty and the unexpected in clinical prac ce- invisible learning among newly quali ed nurses

‘‘Role drift’’ to unlicensed assistants- risks to quality and safety

Relationship between quality of care, staffing levels, skill mix and nurse autonomy- literature review Nursing skill mix and patient outcomes

The changing skill mix in nursing- considerations for and against different levels of nurse

The impact of adding assistants in nursing to acute care hospital ward nurse staffing on adverse patient outcomes- An analysis of administrative health data

Registered nurse, healthcare support worker, medical staffing levels and mortality in English hospital trusts- a cross-sectional study

Nursing skill mix in European hospitals- cross-sectional study of the association with mortality, patient ratings, and quality of care

The National Institute for Health Research Leadership Programme An evaluation of programme progress and delivery

A surrealistic mega-analysis of redisorganization theories

The Impact of NHS Re-Organisation on Service Commissioning Costs- A Welsh Case Study

Has NHS reorganisation saved lives? A CuSum study using 65 years of data

Counting the cost of England’s NHS reorganisation

Do health reforms work?

Entrepreneurial nursing article published

JHOM-01-2014-0019 Doing transformational change in the English NHS


Understanding organizational culture in reforming the National Health Service

Reform, research & clinical world

Never mind the Quality – Feel the Width

its a bad time just now