An Internationally Recognized Nurse Leader

Philip Darbyshire is internationally recognized as a leader in nursing and health care research and practice development.

He enables the best in staff potential to solve problems, think creatively and ‘raise the bar’, thus improving the condition of your organisation.

He has won over a million dollars in competitive research funding and established and led one of Australia’s most successful Research & Practice Development units for thirteen years.

Making research come alive

He has a particular aptitude for helping organisations develop research and ‘thinking in practice’ strategies that will actually work and for “making clinical research come alive” for all staff in ways that enable them to take research from rhetoric to reality.

His research department was accredited by the Australian Council for Healthcare Standards in 2008 as being an “example of excellence in research leadership”.

Inspiring keynote speaker

Philip is one of the most sought after of keynote speakers and seminar presenters. He has presented over 100 keynote papers, seminars and workshops in 12 countries. He has a special passion for making research and systematic inquiry accessible and exciting and in using arts and humanities approaches to help nurses and healthcare staff develop a deeper appreciation of ‘the patient’s experience’.

A prolific writer

Philip has published over 80 refereed papers, books and book chapters.

Philip is a Professor of Nursing at Monash University, Victoria and Flinders University, South Australia. He serves on the Grants Committee of state and national research funding bodies and on the editorial board of several leading nursing and research journals.

For fun and in a vain attempt to keep in touch with his distant youth, Philip’s hobby is photographing and reviewing rock bands. Check out Philip’s Flickr page

Working with Philip

What’s it like to work with me? Here’s what you need to know.

‘Philip projects’ are always collaborative and done in partnership with you. You get better results when we work as trusted peers and colleagues. After all, nursing is a relationship business. If all that’s wanted is a vendor to supply a product, that’s what the Yellow Pages are for.

I pride myself on minimal bureaucracy and maximum responsiveness. You’ll get prompt replies to emails and phone calls, instead of a game of email and phone tag up and down a corporate building. I provide a level of responsiveness that leads to fast decision-making.

I love deadlines and getting things done. When we agree on a deadline, it will be met.

One of the great things about running your own business is that you can choose who to work with.

I work only with good people and organisations who have values, integrity and yes, that old-fashioned concept, decency. We work as peers and colleagues determined to improve your service or organisation, showing mutual respect and good manners. Easy.

You may be the client but I will ask curly questions, challenge and sometimes push back to get absolutely clear about the key project issues. You wouldn’t engage me if all you want is agreement and rubber-stamping.

There are no such things as little things. I’m a stickler for detail and it DOES matter where that apostrophe goes, how staff are treated during a review, how that report is proofread and whether that report was delivered on time.

I love my work and it shows. There is no good reason at all why we can’t have fun and enjoy completing your project at the same time. I won’t turn your organisation into a comedy club, but if we’re enjoying ourselves we can work much better together. Being miserable is not a KPI.