, South Australian Child and Family Health Nurses Association,
 on behalf of the 2009 conference organising committee.

August 2009
Professor Philip Darbyshire

Dear Philip,
On behalf of the South Australian Child and family Health Nurses Association, we would like to thank you sincerely for your wonderful contributions to the Third Biennial Conference of the Australian Association of Maternal, Child and Family Health Nurses, held in Adelaide in April this year. As hosts of this national conference we appreciated not only your consummate efforts as one of our keynote speakers but your support in preparing and executing our ‘hypothetical’. Your approachability and availability throughout the conference was also much appreciated. Your wonderful ‘Option #3’ contribution far exceeded our expectations.

We have now collated our participant evaluations and found that their responses echo ours. Your overall feedback score out of a possible total of 5 was a remarkable 4.75! So, once again, thank you for your marvellous contribution to our conference. We look forward to any opportunities for working with you in the future.

Kind regards

Pam Murphy, President
South Australian Child and Family Health Nurses Association,
On behalf of the 2009 conference organising committee.

Prof Jim Oats (President) and Joanna Holt (CEO), Children’s Hospitals, Australasia, Australia

“Just a note to thank you so much for your truly excellent Keynote Address and the second, equally stimulating, presentation which you gave at our Annual Conference at The Chateau on the Park in Christchurch on 12th May 2005. Your contributions added significantly to the success of the conference and gave hospital staff who attended valuable insights to take back to their workplaces. The feedback from the conference was extremely complimentary in general but many participants particularly singled out your two presentations as the highlight. You managed to be both entertaining and thought-provoking which is a skill few of us have!”

Helen Ryan, Director of Nursing and Clinical Governance, Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, UK

“Yeovil District Hospital invited Prof Philip Darbyshire to be the Keynote Speaker at Nurses Week in 2010 and again by popular demand in 2011. Philip gave a week of thought provoking presentations that were entertaining and inspiring and which hit exactly the right note with his diverse audience. We also asked Philip to lead some Masterclasses with different groups of nurses which produced excellent feedback and his engaging gentle humour encouraged open communication and valuable learning.”

Professor June Andrews, Director of the Dementia Services Development Centre and former Head of Modernisation at NHS Scotland

“Your work on the possibilities of nursing, and the advances in the design of care taken together represent the basis for a more confident and humane approach to policy development and service design which must result in people receiving a standard of care which recognises their inherent humanity and dignity and ends some of the nursing psychobabble and educational jargon that masquerades as nursing knowledge.”

A/g Chief Nurse, Australia

Your oration, on International Nurses’ Day, was the highlight of the week where you clearly captured the hearts, minds and spirit of all present.

Director of Nursing, New Zealand

Philip, thank you once again for your time, and for sharing your wisdom with us. You were truly inspirational and I look forward to welcoming you back to Waikato in the future.

Director of Nursing, New Zealand

Nurses enjoyed the fantastic debates, and discussion is still reverberating around the walls of the hospitals!! Thank you, your presentation style and content has well and truly supported where and how I want nurses and nursing to develop in this DHB.

Dean & Head of School, Australia

“I know of few other consultants with the experience and ability to complete a hard edged review of this kind while engaging with concerns and developing real enthusiasm amongst staff about the challenges and opportunities for research development in the School. The review represents a real turning point for the School and we thank Philip for his extraordinary contribution.”

Director of Nursing, Australia

Your work at Princess Alexandra Hospital was the pivotal point in creating a research culture in nursing.

CEO, Health NGO, New Zealand

Without a ‘Philip Darbyshire Review’, you may never know just how great your service could become.  I can recommend Philip and his work without reservation.