Professor Paul Arbon, Dean, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Flinders University

“Professor Darbyshire recently completed the review for the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University. In the context of university policy and funding arrangements in Australia this review has been critical to identifying a coherent and well articulated strategy to strengthen the research performance of the School. Philip’s report pulls no punches, is straightforward and cuts through many of the usual excuses for poor research performance. I know of few other consultants with the experience and ability to complete a hard edged review of this kind while engaging with concerns and developing real enthusiasm amongst staff about the challenges and opportunities for research development in the School. The review represents a real turning point for the School and we thank Philip for his extraordinary contribution.”

Passionate About Practice Conference, Brisbane 2010

Applicable to all fields of nursing and relevant, articulated well and with reflective questions.  Passionate level 10/10.  Motivating and reflective.  Inspiring and passionate.  Passion to inspire.  What an inspiration.  Wonderful speaker enjoyed the presentation so much.   Very relevant. Fantastic choice for first speaker, very inspiring.  Excellent relevance to our primary focus.  Just what my organisation is working on but the change is slow.  Phillip once again brilliantly entertaining, cuts to the chase and reminds us about our role in positive health care experiences.  Thank you very inspired.  Mesmerizing. A truly fascinating and inspiring session.  Good points. Inspiring and entertaining at the same time.  Excellent public speaker with good mix of humour and emotion. Inspiring!  Would have liked more  Very interesting. Could have been longer session. Great presenter.  Empowering presentation.  Thought provoking, delightful easy to listen to, enjoyed the stories.   Fantastic speaker, should be used to help sort out Queensland Health.

Very inspirational. Transformation is needed.

Ronald MacDonald House Charities, International Conference, Adelaide, Australia

“Absolutely brilliant. Touching a subject no-one wants to talk about. Witty, informative, a really inspiring lecture… Outstanding look at human spirit – honesty, bravery, essence – an extraordinary human being… So good can’t put into words… What an extraordinary lovely man with such an understanding of human beings… Charismatic and humorous presenter… This presentation inspired thought and reflection. Heartfelt and emotional extremely relevant… The poetry was so powerful, his depth of understanding outstanding – his words will stay with me forever… Absolutely magnificent – inspirational and so powerful…”

Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM)

Philip is the ‘go-to person’ for hospitals and health care organizations across the world who want research and evidence-based practice demystified and moved out of the ‘too-hard basket’ and into the hearts and minds of clinicians who will use it make a real difference”.

Mark Hayward, Director, Association for Leaders in Nursing, UK

“My perceptions were challenged and I have a wealth of practical and informative information that I can use. Nurse leaders and health organisations everywhere would benefit immensely from Philip’s insightful and practical approaches to improving our services”.


From Plunket, (2015) New Zealand’s national early childhood well child health services and parenting support provider.

“Thanks Philip for your ever inspiring ideas and guidance … thank you for reinforcing that everyone’s opinions count and need to be heard as so many have fantastic ideas and may just need the safety net in place to express themselves. Fantastic ideas come from many not just one!

“Thanks Philip. This is very exciting and I am looking forward to watching this develop for our staff”.

“Just a message to say “We miss you Philip!” Love your review report and I am using it every week to send out a message to Plunket staff! Can’t wait to see you again and have some more inspiration”.

“Good morning Philip. Just wanted to say how inspiring your session was the other week. The morning following I had at least 6 staff arrive at work around 07.00, an hour and half early, to have a coffee and sit around the table to discuss ideas that had been stimulated by your session. Some great ideas have followed.  Thanks again for your refreshing challenges to us all!”

“Thank you for visiting (city X)  I love that we can be part of raising the bar for families and our organisation.  I’m sure we could design at least one PhD thesis following the Evaluation Review and the action we are taking.  You have helped me love my work even more and I am determined to lead our team of clinical staff to excellence.”

CEO, Hospice Waikato & Rainbow Place Children & Young People’s Service (Winner: National ‘Every Child Counts’ Award 2011)

“Because we are passionate at Rainbow Place about creating the best possible services for our children, young people and their families as well as the most vibrant workplace for our staff, we appreciated the need for service evaluation. We knew who would be the perfect person to help us do this, Professor Philip Darbyshire.  Philip engaged, involved and understood every key group involved in the review; Board members, staff, stakeholders, volunteers, families and children alike.  The “Darbyshire Report” based on the review is a wonderfully clear-thinking, straight-talking, evidence-based, action-focused impetus for improvement, that has been an invaluable investment for our organisation.  Philip’s exemplary review has given us a vital, ‘fresh eyes’, internationally informed and research-based appreciation of how our services were perceived and experienced, a perspective almost impossible to obtain ‘internally’.  Thanks to Philip’s insightful findings, we have a blueprint for developing and improving Rainbow Place’s services even further in the future and with Philip’s on going involvement, we are already implementing the recommendations and taking Rainbow Place to the next level.  Without a ‘Philip Darbyshire Review’, you may never know just how great your service could become.  I can recommend Philip and his work without reservation.”

CEO, Hospice Waikato & Rainbow Place Children & Young People’s Service (Winner: National ‘Every Child Counts’ Award 2011)

Neonatal Nurses College Aotearoa/New Zealand 2014

From: Neonatal Nurses College Aotearoa, convener of national conference, Christchurch New Zealand 2014

December 2014

Professor Philip Darbyshire

Dear Philip,
On behalf of the Neonatal Nurses College Aotearoa and the local orgainising committee, we would like to thank you for your wonderful contributions to the National Neonatal Nurse Conference, held in Christchurch New Zealand in November this year. As hosts of this national conference entitled “Back to the future I-Care” we could not have asked for a more appropriate, motivating and inspirational keynote speaker. Your presentations “What are neonatal nurse for in a post human age “and “Fab 4” the 4 best questions you will ever ask of yourself and your unit” really did test our thinking and clearly the evaluations captured those sentiments of motivating, thought provoking, inspiring. Indeed, many delegates said they could have listened to your presentations for much longer than the allocated time available.

Your willingness to be available throughout the conference, your approachability and your enthusiasm for networking with those at the conference was also very much appreciated.

We have now collated our delegates’ feedback and found that their responses echo ours. You truly did help us host a very successful conference and encouraged us, whatever age bracket we fit into, to embrace the changing world of healthcare, nursing and the specialty of neonatal care.

Once again, thank you for your wonderful contribution to our conference. We look forward to any further opportunities for working with you in the future. I can speak on behalf of many neonatal nurses in New Zealand who would thoroughly enjoy listening to you any time, as the word ‘fabulous’ cropped up a number of times in the evaluations.

Kind regards
Debbie O’Donoghue
Convenor conference organising committee Christchurch New Zealand

, South Australian Child and Family Health Nurses Association,
 on behalf of the 2009 conference organising committee.

August 2009
Professor Philip Darbyshire

Dear Philip,
On behalf of the South Australian Child and family Health Nurses Association, we would like to thank you sincerely for your wonderful contributions to the Third Biennial Conference of the Australian Association of Maternal, Child and Family Health Nurses, held in Adelaide in April this year. As hosts of this national conference we appreciated not only your consummate efforts as one of our keynote speakers but your support in preparing and executing our ‘hypothetical’. Your approachability and availability throughout the conference was also much appreciated. Your wonderful ‘Option #3’ contribution far exceeded our expectations.

We have now collated our participant evaluations and found that their responses echo ours. Your overall feedback score out of a possible total of 5 was a remarkable 4.75! So, once again, thank you for your marvellous contribution to our conference. We look forward to any opportunities for working with you in the future.

Kind regards

Pam Murphy, President
South Australian Child and Family Health Nurses Association,
On behalf of the 2009 conference organising committee.

Prof Jim Oats (President) and Joanna Holt (CEO), Children’s Hospitals, Australasia, Australia

“Just a note to thank you so much for your truly excellent Keynote Address and the second, equally stimulating, presentation which you gave at our Annual Conference at The Chateau on the Park in Christchurch on 12th May 2005. Your contributions added significantly to the success of the conference and gave hospital staff who attended valuable insights to take back to their workplaces. The feedback from the conference was extremely complimentary in general but many participants particularly singled out your two presentations as the highlight. You managed to be both entertaining and thought-provoking which is a skill few of us have!”