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The Value I Provide

A great event is never about price and always about value. When you’re organising an event, be it a conference, a seminar, or a masterclass, my job is to be the easiest speaker you have ever worked with and to provide you with serious bang for your bucks. I keep people awake, enthused and provoke serious thought and discussion. I can make complicated, difficult concepts understandable and actionable, while still treating an audience as the intelligent life forms that they are. There’s no need to ‘dumb down’ when you’re talking to smart people such as health professionals, so I don’t. While my expertise is in nursing and healthcare I’m not limited to health industry events. Just as the nursing world has plenty to learn from business, I’m a firm believer that the business world can learn a lot from nursing. We’re not consistently rated as the top most trusted professionals year after year for nothing. I can share the reasons why, and show how to apply it to your industry. Whatever sort of event you’ve got planned, I’m a seasoned speaker and I’d be very happy to discuss your aims and options with you. Be the first to learn about my latest exciting and valuable seminars and day conferences by signing up to my newsletter by clicking on the envelope at the bottom of the page. Contact Philip today

Information for programme coordinators and conference committees

We both know that the true value of any conference lies in the speakers. (Well, that, and the food.) We also both appreciate just how challenging it can be to get the right mix of speakers, to create that buzz and that conference feelgood factor. So this page is for you, the hard-working programme coordinators, and the volunteer conference committees, who have so much to juggle. Book me for:

  • Keynotes
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • MCing
  • Breakfasts
  • Panel discussions
  • Any other forms of​ enthusing, exciting or enlightening on nursing and healthcare topics

Whatever your event, I’ll be a witty, inspiring, stimulating addition to your programme – and have people still talking about your event months later.


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What conference delegates have said

“Prof Darbyshire excellent speaker. Really opened my eyes to why wards/hospitals thrive when they have strong leadership.” “Philip Darbyshire’s presentation on mid Staffordshire and then the panel in the afternoon I thought were excellent. He was a great presenter and also facilitator.” “Thoroughly enjoyed Philip Darbyshire , could have listened to him for longer.” “Prof Philip Darbyshire was BRILLIANT.” “The Mid Staffordshire Trust – Philip Darbyshire. A brilliant presenter and a chilling and heartbreaking insight into what could happen here in Australia if we do not speak out. I am still thinking about this presentation and the information it contained!” “Philip was sensational.” “Philip Darbyshire’s presentation was an eye opener.” “Phillip Darbyshire’s presentation about the NHS was brilliant, even though the subject matter was not comfortable to listen to. Please get him back next year for an update.” ANMF ‘PROFESSIONAL ISSUES IN PRACTICE Conference, Melbourne, 2013   “Wonderful speaker enjoyed the presentation so much. Very relevant.” “Philip once again brilliantly entertaining, cuts to the chase and reminds us about our role in positive healthcare experiences.” “Mesmerizing. A truly fascinating and inspiring session.” ‘Passionate about Practice’ 2010 Conference, Brisbane   Evaluation Question: Please tell us what the conference highlight was for you:

  • Phillip Darbyshire’s workshop.
  • Professor Darbyshire – an excellent challenging speaker
  • Dr Philip Darbyshire
  • Phillip Darbyshire session on the final morning
  • Professor Darbyshire’s keynote & interactive session
  • The Keynote speakers and their ability to mingle and stay and add to the discussions
  • Bringing a business model to nursing practice, ‘engaging entrepreneurialism in nursing’: by PhilipDarbyshire.
  • The keynote speakers, particularly Philip Darbyshire
  • Prof Darbyshire was a particular highlight

Australasian Nurse Educators Conference 2013, Wellington, NZ   “Best speaker ever – most useful info…what a breath of fresh air he was in all this academia!” “Philip Darbyshire needs to present and share his wisdom with every student nurse, every professional nurse, every nurse educator and anyone associated with health care.” Nurse Education Conference, Oregon, USA   “This study day should be made compulsory for all nurses.” “Great, lovely warm style with huge knowledge and inspirational ability.” “Inspiring – made me think I could make it happen” “Very helpful, confidence-inspiring, practical tips”. Barts & The London NHS Trust, UK   “Absolutely brilliant. Witty, informative, a really inspiring presentation.” “Outstanding look at human spirit – honesty, bravery, essence – an extraordinary human being” “His depth of understanding is outstanding – his words will stay with me forever.” Ronald McDonald House Charities, International Conference, Adelaide

What seminar and masterclass organisers have said

“The evaluative feedback from the session was outstanding – comments such as: ‘please bring Philip back again’ ‘thought provoking’ ‘totally relevant to all practice areas’ are a small example of the value of your session and its impact on the attendees. Philip, thank you once again for your time, and for sharing your wisdom with us. You were truly inspirational and I look forward to welcoming you back to Waikato in the future”. Director of Nursing, Waikato Hospital, New Zealand   “Your presentation today at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center/Sunrise Children’s Hospital on ‘How to involve research in your clinical practice’ was most enjoyable and inspirational! Thank you for making clinical research come alive for our staff. I have enclosed the program evaluations from the staff who attended. As you can see, the evaluations indicate that the program objectives were met and they felt that you were excellent. The only recommendation was that they wanted more time to soak up your knowledge! Please consider another trip to Las Vegas so we can address this request”. Director of Education, Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center/Sunrise Children’s Hospital, Las Vegas, USA   “Your session was not only profound, insightful and compelling, it was also humorous. It gave all who heard it a great deal to think about what this might mean for education, practice and research. The responses from all who attended were unanimously positive, and many asked for copies of your journal articles. This is quite amazing, given that individuals who attended included Administrators as well as faculty and staff from the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Business and Health Sciences. On behalf of Farmingdale State College, thank you for a memorable day”. Dean, School of Nursing, Farmingdale State College, New York, USA   “I am writing to convey my most sincere appreciation for your outstanding contribution to our celebrations during International Nurses and Midwives Week. Your oration, on International Nurses’ Day, was the highlight of the week. During your oration you clearly captured the hearts, minds and spirit of all present. Your eloquent, insightful exploration of ‘How Can You Bear to be a Nurse?’ took us all to the centre of the profound privilege, beauty and potential of our profession. You reminded us all that what we do is transform lives! I am sure you were aware of the intense way in which your audience, of some two hundred nurses from all ranks and sectors within the ACT, responded to your challenging, inspiring and deeply moving message. I am acutely aware of the work and effort which goes into preparing and delivering a major oration. You gave us your precious time, energy, wisdom and insight with great generosity and I am most grateful. Clearly, your audience loved your combination kilt and academic dress, your humour, your passion and your ability to connect so strongly with us all”. Chief Nurse, ACT, Australia

“Let’s Get Philip”

If you’ve come as far as this page, you’re close to making an excellent decision. I can help you make some serious, beneficial changes to your organisation or help make your next conference or meeting a huge success. So, let’s work together. My clients love that that I charge a fixed, all-inclusive cost for all my services. (Yes, of course I charge. ‘Free advice’ is all over the internet and most of it is worth every cent). That cost is set in stone from day one, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden extras or whether there’s a meter running any time you need to speak or meet with me. So what are you waiting for? Talk to Philip