At last! From ‘Out of Print’ to ‘On your Mobile’

‘Living With a Sick Child in Hospital’ is now freely available to a whole new generation of children’s nurses, service managers and researchers.

‘Family centred-care’, ‘Parental Participation’, ‘Consumer Involvement’, ‘The Patient/Family Journey’, ‘Family-Friendly Hospitals’, : The terms and ideas are as salient now as they were nearly 20 years ago when this book was first published.

This free e-book is a must-have for any children’s nurse, child health or social care service or indeed for any health professional who wants to create a care culture where people are genuinely involved as partners in care rather objects of care:

What the reviewers said:

“This is the first book that I have read about which I can find nothing to criticize”. Journal of Advanced Nursing

“Highly recommended to all hospital managers, planners and policy makers”. Contemporary Nurse

“The importance of the book cannot be overstated for those working with children”. Journal of Clinical Nursing

Loving the Karmaware

This ebook is absolutely free for you to download on to your mobile device, computer or Kindle reader. Read it. Discuss it. Share it. Use it.

But the concept of Karmaware is just too good to ignore. Imagine if a book that did so much to inform attitudes and practices around family-centred care could now improve the lives of parents and children in Cambodia.

If you think that this great resource is worth the cost of a coffee & cake, then download the book, upload improved healthcare for parents and children in Cambodia with a ‘donate click’, then enjoy the great Karma! What’s not to love?

You can see your karmaware in action here in the fantastic work of Supporting Silk Sisters Inc.

Download eBook

Huge thanks from the parents and children in Cambodia if you took the Karmaware option.  Really appreciated.

The instructions on how to send the .mobi file to your Kindle can be found here:
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