People often ask me ‘What do you consult on?’ Wrong question. I don’t have a pat ‘5-Step Process’ or a ‘toolbox’ to sell.

My answer is always, “tell me about you, your services, your goals and your values”. That’s because this is about you and the people that you serve. And if your issue is outside my expertise, I’ll tell you then and there.

As a consultant, I’m here to help you improve and develop key aspects of your organisation. If something’s not working, I’m the one to see. I’ll work directly with your staff, leadership groups, stakeholders and patients/clients. I’ll observe your day-to-day operations, I’ll listen carefully and I’ll recommend strategies you can actually use, backed up with real data.

My strategies and approaches have been shown time and again to improve the outcomes that matter most – the ones that my clients value.

Working with me is not for the faint-hearted. I work with great organisations and organisations that really want to become great.

If you’re looking for a tame consultant who will write you another turgid and tedious report that will look great collecting dust on a shelf, you should look elsewhere. If you want someone to provide a convenient ‘external review’ to justify an unpopular or inevitable management decision that’s already been made, there are others in that niche market you could hire.

But if you’re truly motivated to get stuff done, find out how your services are really functioning, discover how great your service could be and turn around the culture of your organisation, there’s no time like the present. We should talk.

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If it’s not memorable, forget it.

I’ve presented more than 100 keynote papers, seminars and masterclasses all over the world, from Australia, the UK and New Zealand, to the USA, Canada, Iceland, and Indonesia. I can ‘MC’ your event or add extra value through targeted workshops, breakfasts, ignite sessions, hypotheticals or panel discussions.

My presentations are always memorable and challenging. The conference world is full of slick ‘motivational speakers’ and their ‘sugar donut’ presentations– enjoyable at the time, but bereft of any lasting value.

Your staff and your delegates deserve more substance than that and so do the organisations they work for. ‘Free speakers’ are ten a penny and even then they may be costing you too much.

I send audiences away bursting with challenges to their existing thinking, new ideas, inspiration and energy and with key information they can use to enhance their practice.

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Nursing and healthcare are never boring – so why should a seminar or ‘education day’ on the subject be dry enough to desiccate coconut? Why should a staff away-day be a ‘retreat’, when with my facilitation, it will be an ‘advance’?

My seminars are certified ‘tedium-free zones’, yet I promise you will never be asked to draw a pretty picture or dance with me on stage. Instead, you’ll leave with a renewed excitement about nursing and healthcare.

If, for example, we’re helping staff to understand, appreciate and improve ‘The Patient Experience’ I’ll work with poetry, stories and literature as well as with the latest research findings. If I’m helping staff discover how to make clinical research achievable in any busy clinical environment, we’ll learn from real-world examples of how this has been done, and can be done, in ways that empower and enthuse staff.

When you engage the emotions as well as the evidence in a topic, it’s impossible to be bored. That’s how I make sure that participants take away information and ideas that remain with them, long after the chairs have been packed away.

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The days of ‘doing nursing’ or running a health service guided by little more than good intentions and some intuition are long gone. Good quality research and a reverence for data are absolutely vital for giving the best care and for making the best decisions.

If you have no real idea where you’re heading, don’t be surprised if you never get there. Using skills gleaned from all my years in top-level academia, I work closely with clients on a range of research projects, including commissioned research, external reviews, needs analyses and research culture audits.

A Philip Darbyshire consultancy project is done by Philip Darbyshire. When you engage me for a project, that’s who you’ll get. I don’t spread myself all over your proposal and then hire junior research assistants to do my work for me.

I do all the work myself, from finding and synthesising the latest research, to engaging with your staff, your, patients, and/or your clients. Then I know what I’m talking about when I make my clear recommendations and you get top quality research to aid your decision-making.

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Service Improvement

There’s a lot more to providing great service in health care than simply getting the work done.

I’ll challenge and support you to approach your systems and processes in a different way, and look at where you can make improvements. I’ll help you develop your practice using methods that are thoroughly grounded in research.

And you can rest assured that the reports and recommendations you receive will be mercifully free of the jargon that blights so much of our services and communications.

The way to make a positive difference is to make sure that findings are expressed in a way everyone understands.

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