“Dear Philip,

I am writing to convey my most sincere appreciation for your outstanding contribution to our celebrations during International Nurses and Midwives Week. Your oration, on International Nurses’ Day, was the highlight of the week.

During your oration you clearly captured the hearts, minds and spirit of all present. Your eloquent, insightful exploration of ‘How Can You Bear to be a Nurse?’ took us all to the centre of the profound privilege, beauty and potential of our profession. You reminded us all that what we do is transform lives! I am sure you were aware of the intense way in which your audience, of some two hundred nurses from all ranks and sectors within the ACT, responded to your challenging, inspiring and deeply moving message.

I am acutely aware of the work and effort which goes into preparing and delivering a major oration. You gave us your precious time, energy, wisdom and insight with great generosity and I am most grateful. Clearly, your audience loved your combination kilt and academic dress, your humour, your passion and your ability to connect so strongly with us all”.

Associate Professor Joy Vickerstaff, Acting Chief Nurse, ACT, Australia

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