Philip Darbyshire

I’m a Professor of Nursing, writer, speaker, researcher and a global healthcare consultant who is passionate about helping nursing and healthcare organisations raise the bar. What I’m REALLY about though is helping you and your organisation become stellar.


Philip Darbyshire is internationally recognized as a leader in nursing and health care research and practice development.

He enables the best in staff potential to solve problems, think creatively and ‘raise the bar’, thus improving the condition of your organisation.

He has won over a million dollars in competitive research funding and established and led one of Australia’s most successful Research & Practice Development units for thirteen years.

"You were truly inspirational and I look forward to welcoming you back to Waikato in the future”

Director of Nursing, Waikato Hospital, New Zealand


Research should never languish in dark corners of libraries. It should be basking in the sunlight, there for all to see.

This is where you’ll find papers and provocations I’ve published over the years, sometimes alone, sometimes with others, on subjects such as palliative care, nursing, research and the culture of healthcare organisations.

"Best seminar I have attended to date, best speaker ever!"

Capital & Coast District Health Board, Wellington, New Zealand


A great event is never about price and always about value. When you’re organising an event, be it a conference, a seminar, or a masterclass, my job is to be the easiest speaker you have ever worked with and to provide you with serious bang for your bucks.

I keep people awake, enthused and provoke serious thought and discussion. I can make complicated, difficult concepts understandable and actionable, while still treating an audience as the intelligent life forms that they are. There’s no need to ‘dumb down’ when you’re talking to smart people such as health professionals, so I don’t.

"Most thought provoking session I have attended for a long time. Thank you"

Northern Lincolnshire & Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK