Nursing and healthcare are never boring – so why should a seminar or ‘education day’ on the subject be dry enough to desiccate coconut? Why should a staff away-day be a ‘retreat’, when with my facilitation, it will be an ‘advance’?

My seminars are certified ‘tedium-free zones’, yet I promise you will never be asked to draw a pretty picture or dance with me on stage. Instead, you’ll leave with a renewed excitement about nursing and healthcare.

If, for example, we’re helping staff to understand, appreciate and improve ‘The Patient Experience’ I’ll work with poetry, stories and literature as well as with the latest research findings. If I’m helping staff discover how to make clinical research achievable in any busy clinical environment, we’ll learn from real-world examples of how this has been done, and can be done, in ways that empower and enthuse staff.

When you engage the emotions as well as the evidence in a topic, it’s impossible to be bored. That’s how I make sure that participants take away information and ideas that remain with them, long after the chairs have been packed away.