The Value I Provide

A great event is never about price and always about value. When you’re organising an event, be it a conference, a seminar, or a masterclass, my job is to be the easiest speaker you have ever worked with and to provide you with serious bang for your bucks. I keep people awake, enthused and provoke serious thought and discussion. I can make complicated, difficult concepts understandable and actionable, while still treating an audience as the intelligent life forms that they are. There’s no need to ‘dumb down’ when you’re talking to smart people such as health professionals, so I don’t. While my expertise is in nursing and healthcare I’m not limited to health industry events. Just as the nursing world has plenty to learn from business, I’m a firm believer that the business world can learn a lot from nursing. We’re not consistently rated as the top most trusted professionals year after year for nothing. I can share the reasons why and show how to apply it to your industry. Whatever sort of event you’ve got planned, I’m a seasoned speaker and I’d be very happy to discuss your aims and options with you. Be the first to learn about my latest exciting and valuable seminars and day conferences by signing up to my newsletter by clicking on the envelope at the bottom of the page.

Information for programme coordinators and conference committees

We both know that the true value of any conference lies in the speakers. (Well, that, and the food.) We also both appreciate just how challenging it can be to get the right mix of speakers, to create that buzz and that conference feelgood factor. So this page is for you, the hard-working programme coordinators, and the volunteer conference committees, who have so much to juggle. Book me for:
.Panel discussions
.Any other forms of​ enthusing, exciting or enlightening on nursing and healthcare topics

Whatever your event, I’ll be a witty, inspiring, stimulating addition to your programme – and have people still talking about your event months later.

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