The days of ‘doing nursing’ or running a health service guided by little more than good intentions and some intuition are long gone. Good quality research and a reverence for data are absolutely vital for giving the best care and for making the best decisions.

If you have no real idea where you’re heading, don’t be surprised if you never get there. Using skills gleaned from all my years in top-level academia, I work closely with clients on a range of research projects, including commissioned research, external reviews, needs analyses and research culture audits.

A Philip Darbyshire consultancy project is done by Philip Darbyshire. When you engage me for a project, that’s who you’ll get. I don’t spread myself all over your proposal and then hire junior research assistants to do my work for me.

I do all the work myself, from finding and synthesising the latest research, to engaging with your staff, your, patients, and/or your clients. Then I know what I’m talking about when I make my clear recommendations and you get top quality research to aid your decision-making.