If it’s not memorable, forget it.

I’ve presented more than 100 keynote papers, seminars and masterclasses all over the world, from Australia, the UK and New Zealand, to the USA, Canada, Iceland, and Indonesia. I can ‘MC’ your event or add extra value through targeted workshops, breakfasts, ignite sessions, hypotheticals or panel discussions.

My presentations are always memorable and challenging. The conference world is full of slick ‘motivational speakers’ and their ‘sugar donut’ presentations– enjoyable at the time, but bereft of any lasting value.

Your staff and your delegates deserve more substance than that and so do the organisations they work for. ‘Free speakers’ are ten a penny and even then they may be costing you too much.

I send audiences away bursting with challenges to their existing thinking, new ideas, inspiration and energy and with key information they can use to enhance their practice.